We are aware of the fact that geophysical research is becoming more and more important in socio-economic terms and that the emphasis is shifting towards application of its results. This is why we undertake efforts to meet the new challenges. One of them is the need to study deposits of natural energy resources, including shale gas, and use them effectively for the development of our country.

As part of observations of the environment, we conduct, among other things, measurements of gaseous pollutants, total ozone content and intensity of UV-B radiation. In addition, we explore the natural and anthropogenic hazards such as floods, earthquakes, water and air pollution and effects of climate change. Due to the diversity of research and the need to fulfil the state obligations of conducting continuous observations and participating in the global exchange of data, many of the activities carried out by the Institute are commissioned by state institutions. We also cooperate with industrial centres and enterprises, for which we carry out ordered studies and research.