On August 3 to 10, 2020, the various activities were held under the SEG Field Camp 2020 project.

This project aims to familiarize students and doctoral students with the field measurements using many geophysical methods.

Its framework included not only hard work in the field, but also didactics, interesting research goals and the creation of a geophysical community open to everyone, from experts to adepts, as well as people interested in the subject of our planet - Earth. This project will also contribute to the recognition of the Institute of Geophysics PAS not only in Poland but also in the world. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to improve soft and didactic skills, learn how to lead and manage a project, both for me and the other people involved. The application for the project as well as completing the formalities was a challenge for us and we learned a lot from it. Additionally, the scientific and possibly publishing goal is to recognize the karst structures in the vicinity of Smerdyna. In the future, we are planning a series of lectures for interested students on geophysical methods (by Bartosz Owoc, Project Director of SEG Field Camp 2020).